CHAN Siu Yan, Angel (Executive Director)

Angel is currently working as an actress, puppeteer, theatre coach and educator. She is also the founding member of SHOWMATES, executive director of Kairos Arts Development, company manager of ThreeWoods Playwright, and producer of Let’s be Together Arts Festival X HK.

Graduated from the School of Drama of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama (Honours), majoring in Acting; “Drama-In-Education techniques for Drama tutors” by the School and Chung Ying Theatre Company; “Certificate in East/West Theatre Studies” by the University of Hong Kong SPACE. During her study, she received Jackie Charitable Foundation Scholarship, Ben & Benson Company Ltd Scholarships and The Hongkong Bank Foundation Hong Kong – Mainland Exchange Scholarships, and visited Sichuan and Tokyo.

In 2007, Angel joined Theatre Horizon, and as Education & Outreaching Manager in 2010-12, which produced and performed various school touring productions: ”Searching for the Happiness Ville”, “Super Politeman: Happy School”, “Super Politeman: Happy to Begin”, and collaboration with the Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention Hong Kong “the Broken Window”.

In 2011, she joined ThreeWoods Playwright.
In 2012, she received funding from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council under the Emerging Artists Project Grant, created and produced “The Anonymous”, and established Syan Production.
In 2019, she became the executive director of Kairos Arts Development Ltd.
In 2021, she founded SHOWMATES.  

Recent theatre performances: SHOWMATES “Into the Unknown”, “Chasing in the Dark”; Hong Kong Five Senses Education Experimental Theatre “I’m Black & White”; ThreeWoods Playwright “Smoking with Grandma” (participated in Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017, Duo Town International Art Festival 2017, Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts 2017, Adelaide Festival Fringe 2017 & 2018), “The Immigration Lottery” (participated in Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014, Umbrella Festival 2015 & Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016), “Wither On the Vine”, “Light of Antarctica”, “All about Ruby”, “The Height”, “S​hi Yī “, “Bon Voyage”, “The Curious Incident of a Little Girl”, “Every Little Thing”, “Revelation of Love”, etc. Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education “Delicious Cocktail Bun”, “Little Squirrel and the Old Shoemaker”, “Avanti” (participated in Istanbul Kukla Festivali 2017), “Five Children and It”,  “What time is it, Uncle Fox?”, “Princess Ice-Lolly”, “The Frog Groom”,  “The Boy becomes Rabbit Mama”, “The Goose of Pipi”, “Muddlehead Tiger” (participated in the 3rd National Puppet & Shadow Competition of Golden Lion Prize); Hong Kong Repertory Theatre “Boundless Movement”, “Caligula” and the Pre-show; Theatre Horizon “The Leftout”, “Winds of Change”, “Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!”, “Defiance”; Spring-Time Experimental Theatre “Hello Hong Kong” Musical, “The House of 72 Tenants”; Make Friends with Puppet “The Little Snowman & Sunflower”, etc. Besides, for school touring: Sun Sun Arts Troupe “Chinese Shadow Phantom”; Theatre Ensemble “Save the Dolphins”. Besides, she also appeared in commercials and government propaganda: Narcotics Division, Hospital Authority, etc.

Angel has been committed to promoting theatre arts and education for schools and companies. She was the judge of Hong Kong School Drama Festival (Cantonese/ English) from 2007-15. And in 2015, she was commissioned by  St.James’ Settlement Continued Education Centre to design “Be the Master of your Emotion ─ Pre-school Drama (Emotional) Education Programme,” coaching in both pre-school and teachers’ drama workshops. Besides, in 2013-15 and 2017-2021, she was the drama education coach in the “Funful Learning Project” and the “Playful Learning Program” that is launched by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre; her role was to offer on-site support, provide advanced training in drama education curriculum development, and give assessment to early childhood education.

Other arts project that she was involved recently, as an assistant in promoting and organising programmes, including “Hi! Flora, Fauna” by Art Promotion Office, “Five Senses at HKMOA” online programmes by Hong Kong Museum of Art, and “ÉLAN Lost Child Project HK”.

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