Cathy SK Lam-Patrie (Artistic Director)

Cathy SK Lam-Patrie is the Artistic Director of Kairos Arts Development Company Limited and Let’s Be Together Arts Festival, and the founder of ThreeWoods Playwright. She is the board member of Christian in Theatre Arts & Good Tree Advocacy. And she is currently pursuing Master of Divinity in Fuller Theological Seminary. 

She received MSc in Social Research Method (Philosophy) from the London School of Economics and BA Hons (Magna Cum Laude) in Political Science and Analytical research from the University of California. 

After she graduated, she joined Horizon Theatre Studio and received acting training there. She became the company manager of Theatre Horizon and appointed as the Executive Manager in Theatre Horizon Company Limited during 2008-2011. During her time in Theatre Horizon, she has been performed and produced in numbers of production of Theatre Horizon included “The City’s Tiger Moth “, “Writing Winds Writing Waves”, “Who Beat The Roaches In My House?”(Starring), “Mysterous!The Snow White’s Backstage”(Starring), “Rose and Rosa”, “Hey God, Did You Drop Something?!”(Starring), “Can’t Play Won’t Play” By Dario Fo(Translator & Starring)、”Winds Of Change” (The Chorus Leader)、”I AM HAPPY”(One Man Show)、”The Leftover”(Playwright & Executive Director), “French Kiss” (Awarded as one of the most popular production in the 21st Hong Kong Drama Award)、School Touring “Super Politeman: Happy School”(Playwright & Starring), “The Broken Window” , cooperated with The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong(Playwright). 

In 2011, she has received funding from Hong Kong Arts Development Council under the Emerging Artists Project Grant, she established ThreeWoods Playwright in the same year, created and produced “Revelation Of Love;” “Every Little Thing;” “Bon Voyage;” “Shi Yī;” and “The Curious Incident of A Little Girl (Hong Kong & Guilin Version)” (Collaboration with Ma Chai Sand Art); “Solitaire”  (Collaboration with TwoMouthRice); “The Immigration Lottery” (Premiere in Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014, 2015 Hong Kong Umbrella Festival & 2016 Adelaide Fringe Festival); “The Height” (Charity Production Commissioned by REN Coaching Research Institute) and “All About Ruby”, “Coffee.Sand.Theater” (The 100th Cohort of City and Guilds Barista Course Celebrating Activity); “Wither on the Vine;” “Light of Antarctica” (Worldwide PAY IT FORWARD Campaign Charity Theatre Production, premiere in Shanghai, then touring in Canada and Austrlia); “Smoking with Grandma” (Premiere in Adelaide Fringe 2017& 2018, and Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017, Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts​ 2017, and Twin-City International Arts Festival 2017). 

Her monologue “The Confession” was premiered in London in 2015, and the script was published under the book title, “Foreign Goods: A Selection of Writing by British East Asian Artists by Oberon Books in January, 2018 . And she was invited to contribute articles for IWF 2018 exhibition hosted by Kings College London. 

She is now resided in Los Angeles, California with her husband. 

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