Every Little Thing

We all used to be a trouble kid, 
having a “splendid” punish time by mom.
We all used to join the gangs, 
faking the authorities, challenging the impossibility.
We once want to get rid of the childhood,
and now we think we grow up too fast?

Production Team
Director/ Script: Cathy SK Lam
Producer: Angel Chan
Lighting Designer/ Stage Manager: Vincy Leung
Creative Actress: Angel Chan  Cathy Lam  Vincy Leung  Man Ip#
Video/Photography: Joey Kwok@Bo-Chi Workshop
Ticketing: Elsa Ma
#With kind permission of Alice Laboratory Theatre and the Internship Scheme is provided by Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Performance Details
Date:Nov 2012
Venue:TC2 Café ‧ Workshop
*Length of the performance is about 60 minutes without intermission, latecomers is not allowed after the performance started. 


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