The Curious Incident Of A Little Girl

Organized by Chocolate Theatre 《The Chocolate House》
ThreeWoods Playwright x Ma Chai

One day, a little girl starts her curious adventures; 
One day, a little girl stops imaging. 
All because of a piece of chocolate… 
Start from when, we people stop dreaming?

About Ma Chai and《The Curious Incident Of A Little Girl》
Ma Chai, A man who tells story with his hands and sand,
Music is the way to illustrate what he is going to tell,
With three years’ relationship with sand, he found the true beauty in between sand and pictures,
which brings the fantasia of 《The Curious Incident Of A Little Girl》to you, you and YOU!

Production Team
Director/Script/Sound Designer:Cathy SK Lam
Sand Painting :Ma Chai
Actress:Angel Chan
Movement Coach:Mimi Lo
Lighting and Video Designer/ Stage Manager :Vincy Leung

Performance Details
Date:Jan 2013
Venue:DTM Studio

Performance Clip

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