The Immigration Lottery (Ver. 2.0)

Participate in The Umbrella Festival 2015

A Chinese lady who randomly won the immigration lottery. It is a story about her hilarious day at the immigration office, where she shows she is determined and driven to have this random new identity. Hoping the god of approval has landed on her, starting a so called good new dream.

Performance Details
Date:May, 2015
※ The programme lasts for approximately 40 minutes without intermission.
※ Performance in English (with few Fujianese)

Production Team
Director/ Script/ Performer: Cathy SK Lam
Executive Producer: Mary Cheng
Performer: Angel SY Chan  Mimi Lo
Lighting Designer/ Stage Manager: Vincy Leung
Assistant Stage Manager: Kyle Ng  Katherine Leung
Graphic Designer: Dai C
Photographer: Joey Kwok@Bo-Chi Workshop


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