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Why Let’s Be Together Art Festival?

Let’s Be Together Arts Festival was first curated in Kaohsiung, Taiwan by We Art Foundation.

We Art Foundation formed by a group of Taiwanese artist who loves Southern Taiwan, wants to transform the art scene in Southern Taiwan – to create more opportunities for the artists in the South and to connect the local artist to the world. That’s why they started Let’s Be Together Arts Festival.

Most artists suffer from solitary and poverty. Let’s Be Together Arts Festival tried to provide all the possible support to the artists, economically and spiritually; at the same time, no limitation and restriction is set which means artist at all ages, with different experiences, from different genre can apply for the festival. No fee will be collected from the applicants. Instead, we provide free administrative and marketing support and most important, free venue and a carefree environment to create.

We believe nothing is trivial. This festival may be not as huge as the fringe festivals all over the world, but all great things start small. No one had thought of Edinburgh Fringe Festival would become one of the greatest arts festivals after 70 years. This is the third year of Let’s Be Together Arts Festival, and we are proud to announce the number of events is increasing and more venues are willing to partner with us.

Why Hong Kong?

A. It’s not just who you are
A show with celebrity becomes essential when we talk about exposure. Most independent company may be able to sell through word of mouth, but it is extremely difficult for individual artist or small company to market themselves with limited budgets. We believe every artist deserves to be seen, so the festival is going to provide a platform for artist to be seen and heard! Gathering all the talented artists, together we become a group of star cluster that shines through the night sky.

B. Carefree is no longer a luxury 
The high venue fee has always been the biggest limitation to artist in Hong Kong. Therefore, we are looking for venue partners who are willing to sponsor free venue and together we create a carefree environment for artist. Our company will provide all the possible technical and basic equipment support to artist, also full administrative and marketing support. The only job for artist is to focus on their work and get ready on stage.

Exclusive Elements In Hong Kong

1. All Tickets Sales Go to Artist
We believe art has its price and artist should get paid. Other than all the support we mentioned above, all tickets sales go to the artist. Everyone think that we are crazy, but hey why not!

2. No Limitation No Registration
We don’t want to recruit from just few categories but welcome all kinds of art, and people from all ages – as long as your art piece is interesting and stands out. So if you have an idea, whoever you are, whatever you want to do, try us!

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