Let’s Be Together Arts Festival X HK 2019

”Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.”
—Isaiah 60:1

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2019 Festival Highlights

In 2019, the shared theme for Hong Kong and Taiwan is “To Create Your Own Way.” When we look at the poster, designer hope that we all can open up the vessel that hide us, breakthrough the limitation from that bound us, be able to show our true colour. 

In addition, LBTAF x HK also come up with the concept of “Limitation/Infinity” in respond to the current situation in Hong Kong arts industry. We hope the festival could spot the opportunity for the young talents and empower each of them. LBTAF is an arts festival that welcomes all kinds of arts, it could be a great start point for the artist since we all have nothing to lose. It only works if you don’t afraid of failure. If you are willing to take this baby step, nothing is impossible!

Festival Details

Opening Ceremony 
Venue:the ARTLAB by Favilla

Shows and Events
Tickets:HK$100 for both adults and children. All ticket sales goes to the artists.

Closing Ceremony
Venue:the ARTLAB by Favilla

Production Team of LBTAF x HK

Artistic Director: Cathy SK Lam
Producer (Marketing & Programme): Angel SY Chan
Producer (Venue & Technical): Katherine Leung
Production Manager:Marvel Lam
Promotion & Copywriting: Kennis Tsang
Graphic Design Co-ordinator: Ambos Cooperation
Graphic Designer: Flora Lam
Theme music composed by: Coelacanth
Sponsorship coordinator: Toby Yung


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