Let’s Be Together Arts Festival X HK 2021

“Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.”
—Isaiah 60:1

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2021 Festival Highlights

The slogan of Let’s Be Together Arts Festival (LBTAF) 2021 is “Recrown the Art Industry,” a call to bring the respect back that the art industry deserves. When the pandemic started, art was the first thing to shut down. All theatres and galleries closed; millions of artists became unemployed. Yet most people still cannot make sense of why the art industry needs aid and support, because they do not see art as a real job. Some say, “It’s time to give up your dream and take your life seriously.” Amid the pandemic, artists have stood firm in their faith in art and love. Barely able to survive, they became bus “disinfectionists,” bakers, or promoters, patiently waiting for the reopening when they could once again tell their story through their work. 

LBTAF resumes this year, and we hope that we can honor artists through the festival, honoring their heart for art, community and humanity; we hope to recrown them through the laughs, tears and applause of the audiences. God is the greatest creator and artist in the world. We believe that God loves the art industry, and every artist is special in God’s eyes. The mission of artists is to tell of the goodness of the world, but at the same time ask questions to provoke critical thinking in response to the present time —— to bless the world and honor God.

Festival Details

Opening Ceremony 
Date:22/8/2021 (SUN) 14:00 – 16:00
Venue:Azito by Favilla

Shows and Events
Pre-Festival Events:21/8/2021-22/8/2021
Festival Date:27/8/2021-10/9/2021
Tickets:HK$100 for both adults and children. All ticket sales goes to the artists.

Closing Ceremony
Date:19/9/2021 (SUN) 17:30 – 18:30
Venue:Book Punch

Production Team of LBTAF x HK
Artistic Director: Cathy SK Lam-Patrie
Producer (Marketing & Programme): Angel SY Chan
Producer (Venue & Technical): Katherine Leung
Production Manager & Stage Manager: Pat Ho*
Promotion: Chan Kwan Yee
Copywriting: Kennis Tsang
Graphic Designer: Ocram Sheep
Theme music composed by: Coelacanth

*With the kind permission of Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education


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