Smoking With Grandma 2018

Participate in Adelaide Festival Fringe 2018

“We Refugee, The Eternal Foreigner; We are all…a drifting wood.”
Every refugee has an untold story behind closed doors.
Maia called 1996 the ‘year of lost’, the year before the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong, also the year her grandma passed away. Just the night before Tiu Keng Leng was going to disappeared from the map, Maia goes back to her late grandma’s squatter. When Maia unveils the buried secrets of her grandma, she wants to go smoking with grandma.

Production Team
Script/Director: Cathy SK Lam
Music Director/Sound Design: The Coelacanth
Performer: Katherine Leung as Maia Lee
Performer: Angel SY Chan as Grandma
Video Performance: Kasen Tsui
Assistant Stage Manager: Kennis Tsang

Performance Details
Date:Feb 2018
Venuw:Mainstage, Bakehouse Theatre
(255 Angas Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000, Australia)
※ The programme lasts for approximately 45 minutes without intermission.
※ Performance in English with few Chinese. 

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