Voices of A Siren

Participate in Adelaide Fringe 2023

Voices of A Siren is a musical theatre production about facing the Feminine within.
During an astral journey, we encounter the mythical siren. She calls out from the distant shores to awaken every woman’s spiritual self.
Treading on a thin membrane between fact and fiction, dreams and illusions; we discover the intertwined destinies of three generations of women.
Expressed through monologues, dance and live music, the bondage from the past gets released and the Feminine within finally undergoes a metamorphosis.

Production Team
Producer: Yammi Lam
Director: Brenda Chan
Script: Soraya Chau, Ada Chan
Music director/ Live music: Maggie Tan
Performer: Soraya Chau
Lighting designer: Franky Tam
Visual designer: Dann Wong 
Deputy stage manager: Yammi Lam

Performance Details
Performance details
Date: Feb-March 2023
(Details to be announced)
※ The performance will run for about 60 minutes without intermission.
※ The performance will be primarily in English and some Cantonese.

Sponsored by
The project is supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council Cultural Exchange Project Grants & Tour Ready Award by Adelaide Fringe .

Perfomance Clips

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