“You are my Hundred Years of Solitude…”
It is a dance theater about Solitude;
It is a words tango about Lonesome.

Production Team
Director/ Concept(Storyline & Text): Cathy SK Lam
Dancer/ Concept(Dance): Mimi Lo
Producer: Angel Chan
Actor: Toby Yung
Lighting Designer/ Stage Manager: Vincy Leung
Sound Designer: MKH
Costume Designer: Stya Yuen
Graphic Designer: Dai C
Assistance Producer/ Ticketing: Mary Cheng
Assistant Stage Manager: Kyle Ng  Katherine Leung
Photographer: Joey Kwok@Bo-Chi Workshop

Performance Details
Date:June, 2014
Venue:TC2 Café‧Workshop
※ The programme lasts for approximately 1 hour without intermission.
※ Performance in Cantonese, few English and French.

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